Bill Chambers - Chief Marketing Officer (Royal Asian Cruises)

Bill is a well-experienced marketing executive who has been in the cruise industry for 35 years. Always strategizing to create the most cost-efficient program, Chambers has revolutionized the cruise industry for many companies. His ever-evolving skill set focuses on converting consumer insights into actions that are results / sales oriented and deliver effective revenue-generating products and initiatives.

At Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Bill was Marketing Director and achieved a 30% reduction of collateral/brochure distribution costs by installing and programming Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s first computer. He also conceived and instituted the linking of the two databases, (passenger demographics and satisfaction ratings), thus enabling, for the first time in the cruise industry, database-driven marketing that could target and focus on the most enthusiastic past passengers. At Costa he created the “Cruising Italian Style” positioning that has served them in North America since 1985. Most recently, Chambers took on the role as the Chief Marketing Officer at Total Gusto, a company that develops Shore Excursions for the cruise lines, where he accomplished an immediate and sustained tripling of sales for their Stingray Beach property by creating a new positioning and name for the tour, “Everybody Loves Rays!”.

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